Intruder Alarms

Our experience has shown that Security Systems must be individually designed, carefully installed and regularly maintained no matter whether its installed in a residential property or a high security bank installation.

As part of our design process we will assess the risks your premises and operations present, and build a solution around them combining proven techniques with leading-edge technology. Our approach ensures that your system is user-friendly, simple, trouble-free and effective at protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets.

All solutions are designed to meet the latest European standard for intruder alarm systems EN50131. However, certain applications such as Healthcare (HTM standards), Military (JSP Standards) and Education (BB Standards) demand alternative requirements, GBE Converge is also experienced in working to these.

GBE Converge is an approved installer recognised by the NSI (National Standards Inspectorate), formerly known as NACOSS. GBE Converge has NACOSS Gold approval (NSI’s premier scheme) for the installation of intruder alarms, reflecting our technical expertise and high-quality business and operating standards.

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