Fire Suppression

GBE Converge is able to offer a wide range of Fire Suppression solutions to meet the needs of each and every application.

GBE Converge offers a wide range of fire suppression solutions including environmentally friendly water mist solution or more traditionally a chemical based solution using FM200 or NOVEC.

The most popular choice for gaseous protection is an inert, environmentally friendly gas suitable for existing and new applications. This can be piped from remote locations if storage space is a problem. As the gas is inert, refill costs are very low.

All systems are designed, installed and maintained to BS EN 15004:1, BS EN 15004:5, BS EN 15004:9, BS EN 15004:10, BS7273-1, BS7273-2 and BS6266 dependent on the application to which the system protects and certificated to BAFE SP203-3.

We are also able to offer kitchen suppression & FPC Compound systems as the alternative to the more common brands within the UK marketplace.

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