Avigilon Alta

For all Avigilon Alta enquiries please contact Lee Cartwright on 07739 324069 or Email lee.cartwright@gbeconverge.com

GBE Converge are an Avigilon access control and CCTV approved partner within the UK and Europe. Avigilon offers both on-premises and web-based systems, including their Alta cloud-based access control & CCTV (formerly Openpath).

Avigilon’s video and access control management software enables efficient analysis of vast amounts of surveillance footage, and their access control integration empowers security personnel to quickly identify and respond to potential threats. With the option of mobile phone credentials this limits the need for traditional plastic identification badges for a modern workplace and helps reduce management costs for your building.

GBE Converge has a team of skilled engineers with the expertise necessary for the professional installation and maintenance of Avigilon products. With a diverse range of experience, our engineers have successfully deployed Avigilon solutions across various sectors, including Secure Data Centre environments and high-end Commercial Office accommodation.