About Us

The fundamental objective of our business is to continuously provide our customers with exceptionally safe, secure and connected buildings.

We provide expert, independent and bespoke Fire, Security and IT Solutions design, installation and support. We work across all major market sectors, on major construction projects and with end-user organisations, with an approach that values true collaboration.

We deliver a genuine end-to-end service designed for the entire life-cycle of a facility, with a philosophy that always places our customers at the core of our business. Our aim is to ensure our customers are more efficient, effective and resilient through the services we provide which we deliver with the highest levels of service and leading-edge technology.

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In 2016, GBE Fire and Security Ltd. acquired a stake in Converge Technology Ltd. with whom they have had a long-standing, productive working relationship.

The synergy between GBE’s fire and security services and Converge’s IT Solutions, meant the design, implementation and support for all IP based solutions was possible through one organisation, delivering a genuine end-to-end service designed for the entire life-cycle of a facility.

Additionally, the two companies shared vision of providing customers with excellent levels of service meant the merging of the companies into one Brand was a logical move. This integration has significantly strengthened and broadened the company’s customer delivery.

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GBE Converge is a business with integrity and operates with transparency. We understand that we have a responsibility to our staff, our stakeholders, the environment and society and we take this responsibility with the utmost importance.

All our technology partners are synonymous with quality and innovation and we are accredited with all the major industry bodies and health and safety schemes.

Our staff are highly motivated, professional and knowledgeable individuals committed to the projects they are working on and our ability to retain and recruit some of the industry’s best talent is an acknowledgement and a major factor in our success.

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