Voice Alarm Systems

In certain circumstances we integrate Voice Alarm Systems to our Detection Systems that comply with BS5839-8:2013

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We have qualified engineers whose experience incorporates central or distributed Voice Alarm Systems, and a wide range of speakers, fully integrated with public address systems if required.

Voice Alarm Systems are generally used in buildings where it is essential to evacuate people quickly and easily. A Voice Alarm System could be installed in any of offices, factories, warehouses, shops, sports stadia, cinemas, theatres, schools and public buildings. It will integrate with any fire alarm system and will ensure that alert and evacuate messages are broadcast clearly and intelligibly. Operating automatically means that the system will not be dependent on an operator controlling it unless the Fire Officer takes charge.

Every voice alarm is different in its size, power requirements, number of circuits and operational requirements. Many manufacturers build ´bespoke´ voice alarm racks and hardwire connect all the components together, storing voice messages on EPROMs (circuit mounted microchips) to work in the desired manner but may not hold flexibility in future proofing for operational changes for building use.

GBE Converge provides digital voice alarm systems with standard components and programmable options which provide a solution for now and the future. Again, each rack is built to order with the specifics for each project, but it is built from standard ´building block´ components.

This means the system has the ultimate in flexibility as well as quality in terms of equipment and performance, and is fully compliant with BS5839-8 and BS5839-1.