IT Security

IT security is becoming more and more important due to recent changes in legislation. An increase in technologies and devices in a business, along with users bringing their own devices and suppliers having access to corporate systems, increases the attack surface, management burden and ultimately the security risk to the business.

IT Audits – Modern IT infrastructures are complex and ever evolving, it is important for any company to have a good understanding of the current IT estate. GBE Converge has highly skilled engineers who are experienced in auditing complex infrastructure and can produce detailed reports with suggested recommendations for improvement and actions to meet vendors’ and industry’s best practises.

Security Audits – Creating a secure environment is a challenging task for any business. New exploits are designed every day, legislation is evolving regularly, vendors introduce new features and improvements more often than ever before. GBE Converge offers security audits to help you implement the best possible IT security to keep your business secure and protected.

IT Infrastructure Design – In the current business climate, IT is an integral part of any organisation and aligning the IT strategy with the business one is not an easy task. Understanding the business requirements and direction is what we do. Our designs are not IT infrastructure designs, they are business continuity designs, and we adapt IT to business strategy so you can ensure your business is stronger and more competitive.

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