Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

GBE Converge Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity ensures recovery after an unexpected event or disaster, such as a cyber-attack. It also guarantees the ability to resume operation in such an event.

This is one of the most complex challenges for any organisation and we are highly motivated about keeping your business operational. We look at every aspect of your business operations including processes, infrastructure, data handling, facilities, threats, incident history, contacts, business goals and financial & legal requirements in order to design a complete disaster recovery plan, which we measure in one way only:

You continue to operate with minimum downtime and for your customers it is business as usual. We strongly advise to have regular reviews of your Disaster Recovery plan, it needs to be current and viable.

We offer high end, cloud based and remote storage services so that in the event of an attack, employees are able to connect to the Business systems remotely and operate as they were in the office.


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