Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

GBE Converge were appointed to carry out the installation of security systems and automated doors to a new clinical wing of the world renowned children’s hospital in central London

We successfully managed the installation of the security systems in a new 8 storey addition to the existing hospital. Working with the Great Ormond Street Trust GBE Converge’s main concern was to have minimum impact to the security of the existing buildings while incorporating the new systems.

The new access control system which consisted of 136 access controlled doors was integrated seamlessly onto an existing system with nearly 900 access controlled doors without compromising the security of the building and occupants.

36 of the new access controlled doors were fitted with automatic door openers by GBE Converge, to allow ease of access for trolleys, patients and visitors.

The patients and delivery lifts were fitted with an access control reader to allow these to be operated by authorised personnel only. Each patient lift was also fitted with a surgical override access reader to allow emergency response teams to prioritise use of the lifts.

To provide further security within the building, 11 audio/video intercom systems were fitted to prevent access to any of the children’s wards without staff acknowledgment via the video phones, which were located on staff bases and nurse stations in each of the wards.

Automatic doors were also fitted to the 4 new theatres. These were fitted with special kick plate openers to allow surgical staff to operate the doors while reducing the risk of contamination in these areas. The doors allowing access to the main theatre, anaesthetic room and exit bays were also fitted with an override key switch to disable the door while laser surgery takes place.

In each of the 4 theatres a specialised wipe clean audio intercom unit was installed to allow communication to the VCB control desk in the main hospital. This allowed two way speech calls between the surgical teams and the control desk.

These intercoms were also installed in each of the isolation rooms to allow patients to contact staff and vice versa.

Key Project Facts

Client BAM
Services Access Control, Audio-Video Intercom, Audio Intercom, Automatic Doors
Location London
Date December 2011