GBE Converge to Provide IT Infrastructure at Hinkley Point

EDF Energy is building the first new nuclear power station in the UK for a generation at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The construction project will span an incredible 10 years at a total cost of £18bn and bring about an array of opportunities for the economy in the South West and beyond. It will be Europe’s largest construction project covering approximately 175 hectares and will provide 7% of the UK’s power.

It is estimated that the project would bring £200m per year to the SW economy during core construction and a whopping £4bn to be invested into the SW economy over the lifetime of the project.

We are delighted to be part of such a fantastic and immense project and we hope this will now pave the way for other national infrastructure projects to come forward with confidence. We are supplying all the Site Wide Fibre, copper data structured cabling plus all the IT Infrastructure for the Induction Centre.

A flavour of the vast proposals for the site include:

1.      Two reactors each generating 1630MW. Sufficient to supply the energy needs of approximately 5 million homes.
2.      Sea wall – 760m long and 13.5m high.
3.      Temporary jetty for 2.8m tonnes of aggregates to be delivered by sea.
4.      Batching plant to produce 3m tonnes of concrete – 75 times more than was used in Principality Stadium.
5.      Northern plaza – 254 buses per day for construction staff.
6.      Southern plaza – up to 375 HGV’s per day with freight management facilities at junctions 23 and 24 of the M5.
7.      On-site 510 bed campus during construction.
8.      Two off-site campuses during construction at Bridgwater.
9.      20,000 trees planted.
10.  6.5km perimeter fence.
11.  Park and ride sites (x four).
12.  Road improvements (£16m) including a bypass around Cannington.